Blog Graphic - 4 things to remember when submitting an iOS 9 app (1)

Submitting an iOS 9 app

The first version of RenewMe was submitted to the app store last week. Since I haven’t submitted an app since iOS 7 I’d thought I’d highlight a few things that caught me out and delayed me from submitting a day or so earlier.

Completing metadata in UK and US English

After filling in my title, description, keywords and contact details then updating my images I saved the content then pressed “Submit for Review”.  An annoying little red exclamation mark appeared next to the English U.K. drop-down so I pressed it and noticed that the English U.S. tab had the icon next to it.

Lesson learned: If you’re submitting an app for English U.K. you still need to add the metadata for English U.S.

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Know what resolution your app supports

Define with your developer what resolution your app supports. I must admit I forgot to do this, so this will be updated in my Outsourcing Resources (if you aren’t able to access my Resources Area, you can do so by subscribing to my newsletter below). Once you do this you will know whether your app supports retina displays. If it does be prepared with images for the following screen sizes: 3.5, 4, 4.7, 5.5. And don’t forget that these will also need to be added to the English U.S./U.K. section too!

Lesson learned: Read up on changes to the submission process after updates to iOS versions. Or, better still if you have time, create a demo app to walk through the process of submitting a new app for review. Note down any changes to the process that will need to be investigated and may take a while to put together.

Know whether you use an Advertising Identifier

The last thing that I was unsure of when submitting was whether the developer included an Advertising Identifier (IDFA) within the app. In the early stages I had planned to include adverts but later down the line I changed the scope so I wasn’t sure if this was something that had been set or not. If I had guessed wrong and it was included, I would’ve had to resubmit a new version of my app. Not worth the risk, so be sure!
Lesson learned: Once the app is completed get confirmation of the use of the IDFA within your app.

Don’t get stressed!  You can’t control what’s not within your control!

Waiting for your product to become live in the App Store can be nerve racking.  Just take your time and be confident with the build and metadata you submit. While you wait (as this process can take up to a week to be approved I’d you’re a new developer), prepare marketing materials for the launch, a contacts list of who you want to promote to, start thinking about your next project or just take a break. You deserve it!


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