4 Reasons for using Macs to develop Android apps

Should you develop Android apps on macs?

As you can develop Android apps on inexpensive desktops and laptops running Windows most people just use these to build their Android apps.  If you’re a small business owner, just starting up your business or a hobbyist it’s a logical financial choice. After trying to maintain both for a while myself I have resounded myself to the fact that getting my MacBook set up as my sole development machine is the only effective way forward at this time.  There are a few reasons why you may choose to use a Mac for Android development too. Here are mine.

Become more efficient

If you are using a Mac to develop iOS apps at the same time maybe you want to become more efficient and use your time more effectively.  Using a single development machine you can streamline your processes of updating tools as you will only have one machine to maintain.  This could be for e,g. Java updates, Unity updates, SDK updates etc

Only one machine to invest in

As well as helping to free up some more time, having only one machine will be more cost effective too.  You will have more funds to put into buying other development tech like devices to test on or licences for software as you won’t require multiple copies per machine anymore.

Only one machine to carry around

Demos to anyone outside of your team may require you to have a small range of tech on hand. Not many people would carry both Dev machines to demos, but in the likelihood that something went wrong or you were missing an important file you may carry both with you.  If you now only have to carry one machine around you’ve now cut down your baggage by about a third of the weight. This also means you should be able to reduce the insurance costs of items you carry around (this may only be applicable with certain UK insurance companies).

Separate work from play

If you also use your laptop for gaming, you now have a dedicated gaming machine separate from your business machine.

So, have I convinced you yet?

On top of that:

  • Macs seem to be super fast when booting up
  • They are rarely susceptible to viruses
  • And, the system upgrades are free and reliable!

Sorry Microsoft!  I do appreciate all your work with Office (especially Excel!) and Visual Studio, but I never trust your updates until the first patch is out.


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