Junction 5 Studios is an app development company based in the UK. We work with small businesses, not-for-profit organisations, and individuals to grow, support, engage more with your communities using apps.

Our team has a long history of working within well-established and well-known companies in the tech industry. We bring all of our knowledge and experience working in these unique places into each of our projects.

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, personal but professional experience delivering high-quality apps, products, and services.


We hope to be an inspiring organisation to encourage young women and black individuals to enter the technical side of tech.


Through the use of technology and technical solutions, our mission is to create a positive impact, with a particular focus on women and the Black community. 

We aim to do this by:

  • Creating apps that connect, improve productivity, educate, and positively enhance the lives of our users
  • Educating and providing valuable resources to those with an interest in tech.
  • Training and mentoring those particularly from the black community or women who want to enter a technical field
  • Supporting those currently using tech by partnering, connecting them to others, or providing technical services


We want to always be honest, transparent, and act with integrity in all that we do.

About The Founder

Junction 5 was founded in 2017 and is run by Kayleigh Oliver, a mum of two.

“Junction 5 is more than a business to me. It’s an outlet to be more creative. A way for me to take a step towards working for myself in the future.

A sign to my children that you can work for yourself and do what you want. Something that I can do to enhance the black community while trying to be a role model to other females especially black females. Those that are young, old, wives, and mother’s.

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