All Ages.
All Britons.

An educational, vocational, and inspirational platform to showcase Black British figures and their achievements.


Showcases Inspirational Black British Figures In One Resource.

The app focuses on delivering high quality information of figures with Black British heritage.


The ease of use and accessibility to a range of ages makes an app the perfect medium for this product.


Can be used by teachers independently to build their lesson plans, by students wanting to learn about a historical and current British figures, or by companies as a tool in their diversity training.


Connects students to companies that are looking to diversify their teams and provide training via internships.


Promotes events from and for the Black community to support Black businesses and organisations providing a community service.

30 Schools Already Signed Up
15254 Students

How The App Works?

Enter your age

Depending on your age, you will be served with content that's specific to your age in mediums that appeal to you.


Search via keywords or categories through the figures by names, industries, educational key stages, and historical events.


Use the Community Boards to find internship opportunities or events that you may be interested in.


The Dashboard will introduce you to different figures to encourage the exposure of Black British leaders to the community.


We have a ton of brilliant features planned for you to enjoy within the app.

Age-determined content

Depending on your age range, the app will present you with suitable content. It will also encourage younger users to engage with the content if it’s specifically being tailored to them.


We want to ensure that the content is accessible to all audiences and ages, so all text content will be able to be spoken and listened to.

Daily Spotlight

Random profiles of figures will be selected via the figures birthday or month (some will not have specific birthdays). These will be shown on the Dashboard to encourage the discovery and introduction to new figures to inspire the audience.

Community Boards

Working with external partners, we want to share events and opportunities that will provide long term benefits and empowers the community.


We will have interviews of current figures or historical sources (possibly directly linking from partner organisation) that will further support a figures profile of background information. We may also have additional children’s content for premium users.


We also want to have podcasts of the interviews from these figures. As an initial offering we may just create podcasts from the video interviews.

What are people saying?

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"Make it happen"

Headteacher @The Crest Academy
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"I think this is a really good idea!"

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"Thank you for doing this incredible work!"

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"This seems like a very timely piece of work and I look forward to seeing how it develops."

Head Teacher @Pegasus Academy Trust
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"A very worthwhile app, that'll do well in schools as well workplaces for diversity training."

Recruitment Consultant @Paramount Primary Recruitment
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"Love what your doing"

The Packages

While we want to offer the main content of the app for free, we have planned additional content which will be available for premium users.

Basic Package



  • Browse and Search Figures
  • Internships Opportunities Board
  • Events Board

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