For busy people who want to save on their bills

RenewMe was an original IP designed by Junction 5 Studios. Before “Look After My Bills”, this app was one of a kind that took all the hassle out of remembering when all of your services needed renewing.


How does it save you time?

Enter the details of your service in the app, set the renewal date, when you want to be reminded and how often you want to be reminded before the renewal date. Then leave it. When your renewal reminder is due, the app will send you a notification to remind you to start shopping around.

How does it save you money?

As you’re getting reminded early enough, you’ll have enough time to compare the current deals and make a decision about whether to switch providers. When you switch you will save money, and this will not have happened if you relied on the standard reminder letters from the service providers.


  • Add, edit and remove details of your service
  • Local Notifications
  • Splash screen
  • Dashboard with list of services

Interactive Prototype

You can test out this project and view what it would be like fully developed by viewing the prototype below.

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