Have a busy life and want to save money on your bills?

  • Are your bills getting more expensive year after year? 
  • Do you want to save more money on amenities that you use?
  • Do you want to use those savings on your next holiday, your next birthday treat or just anything for you because you’re worth it?

Yes! Of course you do!

So, if everyone wants to save money on your bills why isn’t it easy? Because, in order to save money you can’t rely on staying with the same provider and hoping your loyalty will get repaid. Yes, sometimes it does happen and you are given a good deal, but you need to be pro-active. You will need to contact them in order to get a better deal!

There’s so much to keep track of!

Car insurance, life insurance, high interest bank accounts, current accounts, ISAs, buildings and contents insurance, gas and electric providers, internet and landline, Mobile Phone contract, pet insurance and MOT and service garage.

These are some of the subscriptions and plans that I have in place currently for my and my family’s life.

To try and save money, every year I search for better deals. But there are so many to keep track of it’s easy to forget when the renewal date of one is coming up. Sure, you get those standard reminder letters, but sometimes they just don’t come early enough for you to shop around for a better deal. Worse off, you have more than one person on the household bill so the reminder doesn’t get sent to you so you never see it in time! Then, you miss the date to cancel and are either tied into another long contract or you’re paying extra to get out early.

This is where RenewMe can save you time and money.

For busy people who want to save on their bills


How does it save you time?

RenewMe takes the hassle out of remembering when all of your services need renewing. You won’t need to dig through files of paperwork to find the price you paid and the deal you got possibly 12 months ago.

Enter the details of your service in the app, set the renewal date, when you want to be reminded and how often you want to be reminded before the renewal date. Then leave it. When your renewal reminder is due, the app will send you a notification to remind you to start shopping around.

How does it save you money?

As you’re getting reminded early enough, you’ll have enough time to compare the current deals and make a decision about whether to switch providers. When you switch you will save money, and this will not have happened if you relied on the standard reminder letters from the service providers.


  • Capture the details of individual or all of your service subscriptions in one app
  • Set up alerts tailored to your needs
  • Set up reminder alerts to give you a push to begin your comparison search
  • Get notified to make sure you’re alerted even when you’re not in the app

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