The Self Made app is an exclusive benefit to the members of the Self Made business community ran and mentored by Byron Cole and Bianca Miller-Cole.

Images and video below are from the Android build.

Icon and Screenshots

The app provides the user an information directory of all the mentees within the programme both past and present, and the recommended vendors that work closely with Bianca and Byron. Not only this, but this app provides those featured on the Mentees screen a permanent marketing tool of their business’s services to their fellow mentees and the featured vendors.

Please note that although this project has permission to use the Self Made branding and assets, this is an unofficial project based on the Self Made community.

The purpose of this project was to showcase a basic directory project.


  • Directory
  • Tabbed navigation
  • Modal menu
  • Splash screen
  • External links to websites and Calendly bookings
  • App icon

Walkthrough video

For more information, please get in contact.

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