Werdz Movies is a fast-paced, word construction game for those who love movies old and new. Guess the movie title from the hint then type it in correctly before the board switches. Are you fast enough?


There are three different difficulty levels: easy normal and hard. In the normal and hard levels, you have to guess the name of the movie before the time on the Switch timer reaches zero, or the position of the tiles will change. If you guess correctly, you get more time added to the main timer (in the middle of the screen). Try and guess as many movies as you can correctly before the main timer runs out. You can see what awards you achieved from your rounds on the Awards screen.


  • App Icon – by Ana Steiner
  • Designed in old style movie theme
  • Menu
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Locally saved data
  • Awards
  • Game options – sound on/off, change difficulty



Note: This app is no longer available via the public app stores. You can still try the Android build.

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